Play’n GO Achieved Certification Under the ISO 27001 Standard

Play’n GO started off the year 2020 by sending out a powerful message to their operators. The already well-known and reliable provider of material for online casinos stated with pride that they have recently been awarded the ISO 27001 Certification. This indicates that all of their software satisfies the requirements of the many security standards that are in place around the world. This is a huge win for the company, and it should help them gain momentum in the industry of online casinos as more and more operators take an interest in the built-in security features that they provide.

Play’n GO has made it possible for operators who make use of the content it provides to have peace of mind in the knowledge that they are in compliance with legislation such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. They control data protection for players, and organizations that want to operate online anywhere in the EU are obligated to comply with them if they want to do business there.


When entering a new market, getting a handle on rules of this nature can be challenging; the fact that Play’n GO can provide immediate piece of mind in this regard is sure to make them a highly sought-after item within the sector. This immediately puts Play’n GO ahead of the pack for anyone looking for a new provider, either to power an existing site and expand on the portfolio of games, or to start an entirely new casino. Not every online casino software developer is compliant with the rules and regulations of the ISO 27001 Certification, so this immediately puts Play’n GO ahead of the pack.


Commitment To Ensuring The Safety Of Customers

Cedric Mallia, the security and GDPR manager at Play’n GO, remarked on the recent release, adding that the company is really delighted to have achieved ISO 27001 Certification. They have always maintained a strong commitment to safety and have always made it a priority to guarantee that their customers provide secure online casino products to the gamers at their sites. They now have a refreshed sense of self-assurance, knowing that the efforts they have been putting in have been for the most part fruitful.


This certification is more evidence that Play’n GO has been operating according to rigorous security guidelines all along. They have made it a point to base their products on the industry standards that is considered to be the gold standard in every region of the world in order to guarantee that only authorized users have access to sensitive data stored on their systems. The business is confident that its initial concepts for all of its developments were sound, and that it is providing satisfactory service to its customers because of this.


The developer is merely arming themselves and future-proofing their business by pursuing accreditation now, rather than later, so that the casino’s dedication to player safety will come under the spotlight more frequently as the emphasis on online security throughout the world increases. People have grown more conscious of the risks associated with sharing information online as a result of the data controversy involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica. As a result, any company that is able to offer increased security is going to be one that attracts a higher audience, or market share.


Obtaining Certification Under ISO 27001

Although obtaining ISO 27001 Certification is not now required to work in the online gaming sector, this is likely to alter in the not-too-distant future or even become the industry standard. Nevertheless, despite the fact that it is not obligatory, Play’n GO believes that it is necessary in an industry in which players are always giving operators with their private and confidential information. This accreditation is also an internationally recognized standard, which means that it will apply to all regions that have legislation regulating online casinos because it is an internationally recognized standard. This provides the developer with a competitive advantage on a worldwide scale and should result in more business for them across the board, particularly in developing areas.


The business needed to demonstrate its dedication to security by implementing a management system that took into account the system it had constructed, the procedures that were already in place, and the people who would be using the system in order to be awarded the certification. Before Play’n GO could even be taken into consideration, the certifying authority demanded to see an official risk management structure from the company. It should come as no surprise that they not only passed with flying colors but also received the accreditation.

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