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Successfully paired

I don’t doubt that whenever you are streaming on Openload you always see and error after some hours. Here, we’ll provide a permanent solution to and pair error on Kodi 17.6.

This error is common to all users that try to pair with and

So, in this guide, you will be able to get rid of the Olpair error and interruption during streaming.

This error is common to those that are using Kodi to stream. If you are a fan of using Openload pair on Kodi you’d probably encountered this error a number of times you can tell.

This is a default error. It’s part of the mode operation of the free streaming platform. Once you see this error, it tells you that the old pair has expired. So, you need to carry out another authorization, confirm that you are not a robot on

Is Legal? finds a legitimate way to combat excessive traffic from using by auto-disconnecting users after 4 hours. However, this hasn’t proved the legality of the movies streaming platform.

While this can be very annoying, though, this is the way it’s very resourceful for Openload to provide the service uninterrupted globally. is site opens to all across the globe to upload and share contents for free while the contents are hosted on Openload.

However, both pirated and free contents are uploaded often to this platform from different users. This could be me that illegal contents are on the platform.

However, since the platform contains pirated contents, it’s better to explore the platform either on Kodi or Firestick using a VPN service to save yourself of the odd story from the law enforcement agency.

OpenLoad pair error

How to Fix and Error

We’ll explain two different approaches you can follow to solve this Olpair error. You can use whichever approach that works better for you and stick to it. However, both approaches help to fix error.

  1. Disabling Hosters with Captchas
  2. Authorizing your IP

We’ll explain in detail how you can use each of the methods to fix error while streaming contents on platform on your Kodi 16.7

SmartDNS is the best VPN for Kodi and Firestick at the moment. The VPN will encrypt your traffic, keep your call logs, and then securely tunnel it to a server of your choice.

Your traffic will no longer be visible to your ISP, and even the government won’t be able to track you. You will remain 100% anonymous online with no trace on your online identity.

This is because SmartDNS doesn’t keep any logs and it uses AES-256 encryption which unbreakable. Apart from being private and secure, SmartDNS is also one of the fastest VPNs you can use, and so you’ll be able to watch HD and 1080p streams without issues.

Apart from Kodi, your VPN will also help you beat geo-restrictions, ISP throttling, and even allow you to stream Netflix US!

How to Authorize your IP

1. Open your Chrome or Safari or Opera browser and visit You will see the IP address you are connected to.


Note: Openload will then enable access to openload streams from 3rd party applications for 4 hours from your IP.

2. Tick the captcha option and verify that you are human by fulfilling the captcha requirement.

Pair with

3. Upon successful verification, will tell you that you have successfully paired with and you can now use Openload with a 3rd party.

Successfully paired

How to Disable Hosters with Captcha

Before you proceed with this approach, you first need to connect to your VPN service. This is important to keep yourself free of constant disconnection before the 4 hours per authorization is paired successfully.

1. Open your Kodi >> TV Shows >> Add-on

2. Click on the name of the Kodi addon to disable hosters with captcha on so you will need to pair with it always. You can try with Exodus Kodi but we’ll use Placenta Kodi here.

3. Go through the menu item and select the tools option in the videos/placenta section.

4. Click on settings playback


5. In the Placenta settings, you will see an option with “Hosters with captchas. Toggle on the icon to disable it.

Disblae Hosters with captcha

6. Click on OK to the top right of the media and return to your Kodi homepage.

Once you do this, go back to and and you will see that the list of add-ons that have “Hosters with captchas” that has been disabled will connect instantly without human or bot verification and you will stay streaming for 4 hours without any interruption or popup error.

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