NordVPN Free Trial – How to Claim it

NordVPN Free Trial

Do you know you can use NordVPN free trial for 30 days without paying a dime? Although the 30 days free trial offered by NordVPN comes as money-back guarantee and requires a debit or credit cand to get.

As a part of our committment to make you enjoy VPN for free, we’ll walk you through how to get NordVPN 30 days free trial.

NordVPN 30 Days Free Trial Requirement

  1. A valid credit/debit card
  2. Email address

The debit or credit card will be used to claim your NordVPN 30 days free trial. As for the email address, you need it to validate your NordVPN subscription.

Express VPN 30 Days Free Trail

NordVPN Free Trial for 30 Days

To enjoy NordVPN 30 days money back free trial follow the procedures shared below.

1. Go to the NordVPN  homepage and click on get now

2. Scroll down and enter a valid email addressNordVPN Free Trial

3. Select your payment method as credit cardNordVPN Credit cards

4. Fill the credit card information in the billing column

NORDVPN billing

5. Click on the continue buttonNordVPN free trial

6. Validate the payment and you will be charged

Now, the NordVPN plan selected from above will be charged from your credit card account.

How to Cancel NordVPN and Request a Refund

If you want to enjoy the NordVPN free trial for a whole 30 days without being charged you will need to cancel your NordVPN plan and request for a refund.

  1. Go to and sign in to your Nord VPN account using your email and password.NordVPN Free Trial
  2. Scroll down to your NordVPN account page and click on  ‘cancel automatic payments’Cancel Automatic Payments
  3. NordVPN will pop up some series of questions why you want to cancel your subscription and request a refund. Select an option that best describe why you want to cancel NordVPN account and click on the confirm button.Confirm Cancellation
  4. Now, the NordVPN account auto-renew will be cancelled but the NordVPN refund will not be issue yet. Now, navigate to your NordVPN account and click on the live chat icon to the bottom right in your profile.NordVPN Livechat
  5. Choose an option from the pop up to contact NordVPN customer representative. You can choose live chat or via email address.
  6. Now, chat with the NordVPN customer care representative and tell the representaive that you want to cancel your account. You will be asked series of questions and why you want to terminate your partnership with NordVPN. Do not go too hard, just open up and your NordVPN account will be terminated and a refund will be issued.

One comment on “NordVPN Free Trial – How to Claim it

  1. You’ll then receive an email from NordVPN customer support seeking your confirmation for your refund request. Confirm your decision and you can expect the refund to be processed in a couple of days. There is no doubt that getting the right VPN is vital to stay safe when browsing online and accessing geo-restrictive content like Netflix. With the vast amount of VPNs available, the best way to evaluate a VPN is by subscribing to a free trial.

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